Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: partnership aims to change story of childhood cancer in Canada

WATCH ABOVE: Cancer organizations have come together to create The Big Book of Care and they’re hoping to make sure every child who’s ever faced cancer is able to grow up and have a healthy, vibrant life. Global’s Heather Yourex-West reports.

The current story of childhood cancer in Canada today is that 10,000 kids are currently battling the disease.

But now, in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, an initiative is trying to ensure happier endings for Canadian kids battling the disease.

Every year families, caregivers, charities and research groups across Canada observe September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Shaw and Global have teamed up in support of the Big Book of Care — a big, bold national partnership of children’s cancer groups dedicated to raising awareness and support for Canadian children, as well as their families, affected by childhood cancer.  The goal to unite children’s cancer groups across Canada.

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Cancer impacts children differently, research shows. While adults are most affected by breast, lung, prostate, bowel and bladder cancers.  Children are most affected by acute leukemia, tumours of the brain and nervous system, the lymphatic system, kidneys, bones and muscles.

In Canada today, 82 per cent of children diagnosed with cancer become long-term survivors thanks to advances in cancer research and treatment. The majority of them are considered cured.

However, long-term effects of surviving childhood cancer can affect these children’s futures. Life-long adverse effects include impaired growth and development, learning disorders, compromised heart and lung function, and fertility issues. Research is the key to discovering more about how cancer behaves and how we can help cure it.

The organizers behind the Big Book of Care believe that the fight against childhood cancer should never be fought alone. To learn how to change the story for children affected by cancer, visit, where you’ll find a local kids cancer care charity that needs your support.

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