Caught on Tape: Bear takes a dip in Vancouver couple’s pool

TORONTO – Anyone who’s ever sweated it out in a heat wave can probably relate to this rather…relaxed bear.

A North Vancouver couple shot footage Monday afternoon showing the overheated bear helping himself to all the amenities in their backyard – most notably, their pool and their hot tub.

In fact, throw in a Pina Colada and some Jimmy Buffett and he’s pretty much the picture of summer chill.

Watching with a mixture of fear and bemusement, the couple can only laugh as the bear lazily moves from their pool into the hot tub.

WATCH: Bear takes a dip in backyard kiddie pool while family watches

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Moments later, her question is answered.

“It is too!” Tony replies, laughing as the bear dives into the warm water.

With the temperature in Vancouver that Monday afternoon coming in at 22 degrees with a 68 per cent humidity, it’s easy to understand why the bear might be looking to cool off.

Tony and Denise Diering only recently moved into their house in North Vancouver, and apparently didn’t know that their new home already had another part-time tenant.

In another video uploaded a few weeks earlier, the same bear is seen helping himself to some birdseed from the couple’s backyard bird feeder.

WATCH: Bear tries to beat the heat by taking a dip in backyard pool

The bear is clearly seen wearing a tag on its ear, meaning it’s been identified by wildlife officials.

Diering has told local media that while he’s amused by the bear’s use of his backyard facilities, he’s not so thrilled with the idea of it being a regular visitor to his house.

Bears are no strangers to “borrowing” human-owned swimming pools whenever it’s hot out, be it a full-on pool or even a backyard kiddie pool.


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