London mom creates #ToyLikeMe campaign, dolls to reflect children with disabilities

WATCH ABOVE: A London mother is on a mission to create dolls to reflect children with disabilities and showcase the beauty in being different. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

A British toymaker has taken on one mother’s request to manufacture toys that reflect children with disabilities.

Melissa Mostyn, a mother of two from London, was born deaf and knows what it’s like being stereotyped against while growing up. She made it her mission to make sure her daughter Isobel, who has cerebral palsy, know she’s no different than any other child her age.


Mostyn is behind the #ToyLikeMe campaign, showcasing dolls to reflect all types of kids growing up, no matter their abilities or disabilities.

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“Disabled people lead full lives. They don’t live in hospital, they go to parties, they socialize with their friends,” Mostyn told CBS.

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At first Mostyn’s designs were simple. She used lollipop sticks to make a mini-replica of the walker her daughter uses.



Mostyn decided to share her creation with other kids who could relate to Isobel’s story and urged companies to help her create toys to reflect all differences in kids. And now the British company, Makies, is taking her idea on.

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Makies uses 3D printers to create accessories for Mostyn’s doll designs, including wheelchairs, crutches and hearing aids.


The success of Mostyn’s campaign brings her one step closer to making sure Isobel, and other children like her around the world, know it’s okay to be different.