Boy writes apology to library for damaging book while falling asleep reading

WATCH: The Toronto Public Library posted an adorable apology note they found in a book with a torn page. The boy named Jackson confessed to damaging the book after falling asleep while reading.

TORONTO — A young reader looking to atone for tearing a borrowed comic book has won over Toronto library staff – and many others online – with a handwritten apology note.

The note, addressed to “Library” and signed by “Jackson,” explains in large blue writing that a page accidentally ripped after the book fell from the bunk where the child had fallen asleep reading.

The boy then writes that he’s sorry and swears “it won’t happen again.”

Staff at the Main Street library branch found the note Friday clipped to a returned copy of an Asterix comic book that had been repaired with tape.

The Toronto Public Library posted a photo of the note to its Facebook page, where it garnered nearly 3,000 likes and 400 shares by Monday.

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Dozens of people left comments on the post praising Jackson for taking responsibility, and declaring the note adorable.

Librarian Eila McLeish says staff thought the note was cute, and will likely post it somewhere in the branch as a keepsake.

“We get ripped books all the time, so we were just like, ‘Oh that’s so nice!’ And to have it from the child, who obviously wrote it himself – we just thought it was really sweet.”

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