Girls rock out at Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon

Watch above: Broadway Theatre hosted a rock concert Saturday like no other in Saskatoon. There were die-hard fans and long-haired band members, but as Jacqueline Wilson reports, it isn’t what you’d expect.

SASKATOON – Over the last week, 30 girls aged eight to 13 had the opportunity to participate in Girls Rock Camp Saskatoon and on Saturday, showed off their hard work with a performance at Broadway Theatre. Bands comprised of four to five girls rocked out on stage in front of their family and friends, performing songs they wrote as a group during the camp.

“My favourite thing is when I finally got to play the drums,” said Heidi, a camp participant.

Throughout the week, each girl got a chance to learn a new instrument of their choice.

They also took part in workshops led by female mentors who encouraged confidence building, creativity and physical activity.

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“My favorite thing was yesterday, we taped paper to each other’s backs and wrote what we like about each other,” said Sienna, a camp participant.

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The camp’s vision is to empower girls using tools like music education to foster self-esteem and confidence.

Each group worked together to choose a band name, logo and come up with lyrics, which varied in topic from alien attacks in space to oceans made out of marshmallows.

This is the second year for the Girls Rock Camp Saskatoon.

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