Bus driver stops at lemonade stand, buys a round for every passenger

TORONTO – As the old saying goes: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Or better yet, buy lemonade for yourself and every one of the passengers on your bus.

That’s what one Boston transit bus driver decided to do last Thursday when he stopped, mid-route, at a lemonade stand manned by four young girls – in order to buy a round of refreshments for his entire bus.

“The biggest thing I thought was that the children [running the lemonade stand] would have a story they can tell for the rest of their lives,” Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) driver John Lohan told CBS Boston. “And then afterwards, I thought, ‘Well, so do the passengers.’”
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It was a sunny day in Boston last Thursday, and as anyone who’s ridden public transport can attest it can sometimes get a little hot on a public bus.

Lohan, a 19-year veteran of the MBTA, said he spotted the lemonade stand during one go-round of his route 35, on Centre Street in West Roxbury.

So the next time around, he decided to ask the passengers on his bus if they would like a round of drinks.

“I said if anyone is in a hurry or needs to make a connection, I won’t stop,” Lohan said.

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But the seven passengers aboard the bus all agreed to the stop, and to the astonishment of the girls manning the stand, a transit bus pulled up to the driveway.

“The lemonade only cost 50 cents and he bought seven of them. He gave us $10, so, he’s awesome!” said 14-year-old Erin Starkey.

“It was the cheapest round, the least expensive round [of drinks] I ever sprung for,” Lohan joked.
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Lohan said his passengers were all incredibly touched by the gesture.

“My passengers, as they got off the bus, each one of them said, ‘That made my day and thank you,’” said Lohan.

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