Confusion rules the roads around the Bonaventure expressway

WATCH ABOVE: The nearly 50-year-old Bonaventure expressway is set to start coming down Tuesday as part of a revitalization project in Griffintown. Global’s Tim Sargeant reports.

MONTREAL – The nearly 50 year old Bonaventure expressway, which has served millions of drivers over the course if its lifespan, is set to start coming down Tuesday.

Demolition crews will be taking down the first of many sections that approach Robert-Bourassa boulevard as part of Griffintown’s $141 million revitalization project.

But navigating around the labyrinth of roads nearby is a driver’s nightmare; closed roads, multiple detours and new one way streets contribute to a confusing cocktail of road signs that motorists have to decipher as they try to get around.

“Hell on earth,” one driver told Global News.

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Numerous orange cones, narrowed lanes and dozens of signs now make up the landscape of a once vibrant industrial district that is quickly transforming into a growing residential and commercial neighbourhood.

The new road configurations are difficult for visitors and people who are normally used to driving in the area.

In fact, one Montreal city bus (STM) driver stopped to ask Global News directions while passengers sat patiently in their seats.

The road work and take down of the Bonavenure will last until 2016.

The entire area is scheduled to be overhauled in time for Montreal’s 375th birthday bash in 2017.

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