B.C. golfer hits 2 holes-in-one in the same round

WATCH: A B.C. golfer is the pride of his Delta golf course after achieving an unprecedented feat on the green. Linda Aylesworth explains.

“A hole-in-one is all luck, there’s tour pros that have never had a hole-in-one,” says Brad Newell, the owner of Delta’s Kings Links by the Sea golf course.

If that’s the case, then John Weissbach is one of the luckiest men in the world. During a round of golf on Canada Day, he hit two holes-in-one in the same round.

On the 13th hole, Weissbach hit a hole-in-one.

“I had no words,” said Weissbach.

He did it again on the 15th hole.

“Two [holes-in-one] in the span of three holes is crazy is all I can say,” said Weissbach.
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Some calculate the odds of such a feat at 67 million to one.

It’s not his first hole-in-one. He hit one last year at the same course.

His prize for his Canada Day miracle round–bragging rights and $400, money that went to buying a couple of rounds of drinks at the 19th hole.

-with files from Linda Aylesworth

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