Former Liberal MP Marlene Jennings not running for new Quebec provincial party

MONTREAL – Former Liberal MP Marlene Jennings says she won’t be running for a popular new Quebec political party.

Jennings is turning down the offer of seeking election for the Coalition for Quebec’s Future because provincial politics do not ”inspire” her.

The 60-year-old ex-federal MP made the comments on her Facebook page.

She had been considering a run for the Coalition, a party that says it’s neither federalist or separatist and wants to unite Quebecers. Jennings’ refusal means the party will need to look elsewhere for the high-profile, Anglo, federalist members it covets.

The Coalition is hoping such recruits might help it whittle away at the Liberals’ traditional federalist base, but so far the party’s most prominent members come from sovereigntist circles.

The Coalition for Quebec’s Future was founded by former Parti Quebecois cabinet minister Francois Legault.

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The party will have nine members in the national assembly when it resumes sitting on Tuesday – three ex-PQ MNAs and six former members of the Action democratique du Quebec.

Jennings represented a Montreal riding in the House of Commons between 1997 and 2011.