Winnipeg police uncertain how many bombs mailed

WATCH: Winnipeg police say it’s not clear how many letter bombs were mailed, in a string of attacks officers say was aimed at the suspect’s ex-wife and lawyers. Tamara Forlanski reports.

WINNIPEG – Police do not know how many bombs have been mailed and anyone who was associated with Guido Amsel or his ex-wife should watch for packages similar to those already discovered, officials said Monday.

“We don’t know how many packages have been sent out,” acting deputy chief Danny Smyth said at a police news conference Monday morning.

Smyth spoke as police and fire officials declared the report of a suspicious package at a Canada Post building a false alarm. Shortly after he spoke, Winnipeg City Hall was evacuated as another suspicious package was reported.

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Three bombs delivered by mail have been discovered in Winnipeg over the past three days. The first exploded Friday, seriously injuring lawyer Maria Mitousis at her office; two more were discovered and dealt with by the Winnipeg Police Service bomb disposal unit on Saturday and Sunday, resulting in no further injuries.

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Guido Amsel, 49, is in custody and charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault and multiple charges related to the possession of explosives, police said.

Guido Amsel, 49, is accused of mailing bombs to several addresses in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Police Service handout / Global News
Maria Mitousis, 38, was injured in an explosion at her law office at 252 River Ave. in Winnipeg. LinkedIn
Maria Mitousis, 38, was injured in an explosion at a law office on River Avenue in Winnipeg on Friday. Rudi Pawlychyn / Global News

Police have shared an edited image of one of the packages with the media and are asking people who see anything similar to exercise extreme caution.

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“All of the discovered packages are believed to have been sent through Canada Post on June 29 or June 30,” police said in a news release. “Please do not handle suspicious packages and contact police immediately.”

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Police have warned anyone who has had dealings with Amsel to be extremely cautious and to call them if they receive a suspicious package. They allege Amsel targeted people connected to his acrimonious divorce proceedings and a lawsuit his ex-wife brought against him.

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None of the charges against Amsel have been proven in court and he is presumed innocent by the justice system until proven guilty.

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