Hundreds of butterflies released in Langley fundraiser

WATCH: A Langley woman has made it her mission to bring more butterflies into the world. Nadia Stewart reports.

For some in Langley, Saturday’s butterfly release was a way to remember loved ones they’ve had to say goodbye to.

“I started with my aunt who was a resident and it was an activity for her. But, she since passed away and I release them in memory of her. My mother was also a resident of the lodge and passed away, so my father comes to release it my sister releases,” said Terry Metcalf, with the Langley Lodge.

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The Lodge and the Langley Hospice society are the two beneficiaries of this annual fundraising event, hosted by Flutterbuys. The Langley-based company farms and provides butterflies for weddings and other special occasions. Flutterbuys co-founder, Kim Sutton, said her love of the insects inspired her to turn her hobby into a business.

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“I mean they’re beautiful. It’s just the way they make you feel,” said Sutton. “They just make you feel happy. People just open up to them. They might look all serious and then as soon as the butterfly comes out, they’re all smiles.”

Three hundred Monarch Butterflies were released Saturday afternoon at Krause Berry Farm for the annual fundraiser, which seeks to raise a few thousand dollars for the two local organizations.

Many families attend the release as a way to connect with those they still hold dear in their hearts.

“The release of the butterfly is very symbolic and it’s a very emotional and private time for them,” said Jeremy Sutton, Flutterbuys co-founder.

“My hope is that people will connect a little closer with butterflies. We can just enjoy the beauty as they fly, the designs on the wings. Just a wondrous little piece of nature.”