Calgary fire crews break windows to remove kids from hot car

WATCH: Southern Alberta is going be getting extremely hot in the next few days, and with that a warning not to leave kids or pets in vehicles. Sarah Offin reports.

CALGARY – Two children were rescued from a parked car at the parking lot at Chinook Mall in sweltering heat on Thursday night.

EMS said the children were assessed on the scene as “warm” but “uninjured.”

The Calgary Fire Department broke the windows to remove the kids from the car; it’s unknown how long they were inside.

“It’s a good reminder that temperatures in an enclosed vehicle, even if it’s on with the AC on, can double and in extreme circumstances possibly triple to what the temperature is outside,” said EMS spokesperson Adam Loria.

“It can become fatal quite quickly.”

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Temperatures reached 28 degrees Celsius in Calgary on Thursday.

Calgary Police did not immediately answer a request for comment on the case, but said in an unrelated release that parents can be charged in such cases.

“The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act allows police to charge a parent with ‘causing a child to be in need of intervention,'” said a July 2 release. “The penalty is a $25,000 fine or two years imprisonment, or both.”

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