New app helps NS students with math problems

WATCH: You’ve heard the saying “There’s an app for that,” and it seems there really is an app nowadays for just about everything – including education. The province of Nova Scotia now officially has a new app to help students with math. Global’s Natasha Pace reports.

Halifax — There really is an app for just about everything nowadays, including education.

Nova Scotia’s Education and Early Childhood Development Minister helped unveil the EECD AR app today. EECD AR is an augmented reality app that uses leading edge technology to help students learn and work on math problems.

“Providing students with more opportunities to integrate technology and learning is an important part of preparing them for the future,” said Minister Casey. “This app is about providing new ways of learning, embracing technology and encouraging imaginative and creative thinking.”

Students can use the app on their phones or tablets in conjunction with the Pearson Foundation and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 10 and Mathématiques 10 books.

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Right now, the app works for eight math problems that local teachers selected as difficult for their students.

By placing the camera over the selected questions, the app produces a 3D image based on the text. It can also read the text to the students or provide additional context to help them solve the question.

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“I like that it’s just easy to use really, I can see the pictures in it and it’s like easier to work in,” said Grade 9 student Kyle Strickland.

The app is the first of it’s kind in Nova Scotia, and was created by Dartmouth teacher John Munro.

“This app lets students bring schoolwork to life and observe it in a way never before possible,” said Munro. “Students are able to tackle problems that are typically difficult to visualize, and find the solution using a new perspective.”

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Minister Casey says many students are visual learners, and this app will help them tackle the math problems they’ve been struggling with. She also believes the new app will help engage students and give them a leg up.

“It’s a new way of learning and we are using technology everyday, so in the public schools we have to make sure our students learn that way and are comfortable going out into the work world where it may be part of the post-secondary curriculum they follow.”

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The total cost to develop the app is pegged between $10-$15,000. It’s hoped the app with support additional textbooks in the future. It can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and the App Store.