What Dads want on Father’s Day

Shoppers searching for a card for their Dad. Shannon Cuciz/ Global News

WINNIPEG — No matter what you call him: dad, father, grandpa, many want the same thing on their special day.

According to a recent survey by a Canadian marketing company, one in three dads said they don’t want a gift at all.

Even gift cards, the most popular present, don’t match up to other holidays.

“Christmas is number one, Valentine’s is number two and mother’s day is number three and not that dad’s heart is not big but he’s considered a small season,” said Hallmark owner Darlene Appleyard.

When comparing sales to mother’s day, store owners see significantly less money spent on dad.

“Father’s day sales are about 53 per cent of what we see on mother’s day sales so it’s a little less than half,” said Appleyard.

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And marketing specialist Susie Erjavec Parker said even social media advertising is different for the two holidays.

“When it comes to mother’s day… brands start to advertise a lot, way in advance sort of in mid April and what I’m seeing for father’s day is last minute gifts,” said Erjavec Parker.

But some fathers still say, scratch the gift and keep it simple with family gatherings, sports or food.

“A BBQ, big supper yeah that’s be great family there (cut to) I get my mom my dad my brothers that’s be a good little, good little family time,” said father Reynold Dano.

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