Mom who urged son to hit woman in Walmart brawl charged with neglect

WATCH ABOVE: Mom asks 6-year-old to help throw punches during Walmart brawl

One of the two women involved in the brawl at a Walmart in Indianapolis last week has been charged. Not for the assault, but for urging her six-year-old son to punch and kick the woman as she was on the ground.

Video of the brawl went viral last week as the two women, identified as Amber Stephenson and Rebecca Mills tussled on the floor of a an Indianapolis Walmart.

Stephenson, 34, was charged Friday with neglect of a dependent and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She can be heard egging her son on in the video, telling him to “punch her in the [expletive] face.”

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The six-year-old listened to his mother, punching and kicking the woman, and hitting her about the head with what appears to be a bottle of shampoo.

He even yelled at the woman, shouting: “I don’t care about you, dummy! Ya, do something about it. What are you gonna do?”

 According to the Indianapolis Star, the fight started when Stephenson inserted herself into an argument between Mills and a store employee, allegedly telling Mills – who was riding a motorized scooter – that she “must really hate [her] life.”

Neglect of a dependent is a felony charge in Indianapolis and Stephenson could face jail time if found guilty.