The Doughnairnut: a fusion of flavours sure to be a favourite

WATCH: The City of Halifax may become know for a new food combination that includes the donair, and the donut called the doughairnut. Global’s Ray Bradshaw checks it out.

HALIFAX – There are many legendary combinations out there in the food world, but Robie St. Station diner in Halifax has a new creation that brings together unique flavours you might not expect.

They’re calling it the ‘Doughnairnut”. Diner owner Kaleigh Burns says it’s a fun combination of the much-loved doughnuts that Robie St. Station makes on weekends, and donairs from their neighbours, Tony’s Donair.

“As soon as I said donair doughnut everybody got really excited, and that’s the kind of response you just don’t ignore and brush off and ya go with it,” Burns said.

The doughnut is a yeast doughnut, so a bit more like bread than a traditional one. It’s got a Tony’s Donair sauce glaze, and then is topped with Tony’s Donair meat, tomato and green onion, and drizzle of donair sauce to top it all off.

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Steve Gilbert was at Robie St. Station on Friday to give one a try. He’s been a lover of donairs for 50 years.

“That’s better than good,” said Gilbert. “It’s got everything you need in a donair. It’s got sweet sauce plus the sweet doughnut. A different taste totally, I like it.”

The Doughnairnuts will be on sale this weekend at Robie St. Station.



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