Mounties help deliver baby fawn after striking deer in Nova Scotia

HALIFAX – Two RCMP officers in Nova Scotia are being credited with saving the life of a baby fawn after striking its mother with a police vehicle.

The Mounties say Const. Derek Bigger and auxiliary Const. Darren Forsyth were on patrol early Saturday morning when they struck and killed a deer in Meaghers Grant, near Halifax.

Police say when the officers got out of their vehicle to check on the deer, they realized it had been pregnant and about to give birth.

The two officers then helped deliver the baby fawn before bringing it to the Hope For Wildlife animal rehabilitation facility.

Hope Swinimer, who operates the facility, says the fawn was in remarkably good health when she received it and she credits the officers with saving its life.

Swinimer says the fawn will remain at her facility until December when it will be released into the wild along with the other deer in her care.


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