Oakville residents say their dogs are being poisoned

WATCH ABOVE: Oakville residents say their dogs are being poisoned. Peter Kim reports.

OAKVILLE – Victoria Raykoff’s seven-year-old Labrador retriever is fighting for her life.

“She’s in the ICU and has been there for the past two days,” said Raykoff.

Residents of a townhouse complex along Gainsborough Drive say six animals have fallen ill with similar symptoms in the past three weeks. Three of them have died.

Maggie, a seven-year-old Labrador retriever is fighting for her life. Global News

“One night he just started throwing up a lot and he stopped eating which is really strange for him,” said Martin Abe, another resident whose dog fell ill.

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Neighbours say someone has been spreading rat poison pellets in common areas of the complex.

“It’s not like they’re pinpointing their own property, this stuff spreads everywhere. Our landscapers blow the poison around. I think that’s why other animals have been affected,” said Abe.

The police have investigated but are not planning to lay charges because they believe the behaviour was not malicious with an intent to kill dogs.

“Neighbours have overheard him saying he’s trying to get rid of some of the wildlife in the area, as well as sprinkling stuff outside on his front lawn,” said Raykoff, who feels fortunate that her pet insurance is able to partially cover her $9,000 veterinary bill.

She’s set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for affected families unable to manage the cost of hefty bills for life-saving pet care.

The pellets neighbours believe might have made their pets sick. Global News

“I’m disgusted that people would do this to animals. It’s heartbreaking because she’s like one of my kids,” said Raykoff of her dog Maggie.

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Doctors say the dog is still in serious condition and they’re hoping she’ll pull through in the next couple of days.

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