Pointe-Claire residents trash talk new garbage collection

WATCH: While the winds of change may be coming to Pointe-Claire, as Tim Sargeant discovers, many residents are advising not to stand downwind of garbage bins as collection is reduced.

POINTE-CLAIRE – Garbage collectors went about their dirty business Wednesday collecting trash in Pointe-Claire. But residents are furious the service has been cut in half – garbage collection is once every two weeks instead of weekly.

“Why did you guys decide to do this in the summer when that heat was going to be torrid?” Gianni Rino asked at a council meeting Tuesday evening.

One by one they lined up, asking to know why the city made the schedule change that began last month.

The mayor is hoping to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and encourage people to cut their waste. He even suggested residents keep their waste out of the blazing sun to avoid foul odours.

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“Any garbage you have at home if you can put it in a receptacle and  put it in the shade that’s always a good idea,” he said at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

That comment wasn’t well-received by residents. One mocked that she would have to move her trash around as the sun moved around her house to keep the garbage in the shade.

Pointe-Claire is hoping to encourage people to recycle and compost more with its initiative.

No one from the city could tell Global News how much it hopes to save with the cut in service. Even one garbage collector complained about the new schedule.

“(The trash) sits there for a week in the sun. [It] rains on it, gets heavy. I don’t know why they did that. Full of maggots,” Jon Shields said.

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