Breathtaking images caught on tape as lava flows into the ocean

Footage released on Monday by the Galapagos National Park showed spectacular images of lava flowing into the ocean as the Wolf Volcano continued its activity after erupting last week for the first time in 33 years.

The 1.7 kilometre-high volcano began spewing fire, smoke and lava before dawn on the 25 May.

The volcano lies on the northern tip of Isabela Island, the archipelago’s largest.

It’s far from the only population centre, Puerto Villamil, 115 kilometres to the south.

Authorities said tourist activity at the Galapagos National Park was not affected – some tourists even got a close up look at the fiery spectacle from their boat.

Authorities have also said lava flowing in the southwest direction for now poses no risk to the world’s only population of pink iguanas, which live on the island’s northwest tip.


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