Student stabbed to death at Kelvin High School in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – A young man was taken into custody after a 17-year old was killed at Kelvin High School over the lunch hour Tuesday. It happened during a fight, police say.

“I just saw a fight. Two guys pass me and they just start to fight each other against a door,” said Meliha Sedik, a Grade 11 student at Kelvin High School. “I didn’t actually see the knife, but I saw he was walking for two or three steps and then he just collapsed on the ground completely.”

Staff and students rushed to help the teen.

WATCH: Global’s Skyview-1 helicopter over the scene Tuesday afternoon

The Winnipeg Police Service released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying that the 17-year-old victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. They later said the case was a homicide.

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Global News spoke with a close friend of the victim Tuesday evening. Shaynna Andrew, a student at Kelvin High School, said she and the 17-year-old were more like family members than friends.

“As we were leaving I gave him a hug and said bye. That was the last thing I said to him,” Andrew said.

Other students said they witnessed the aftermath of the stabbing.

“I saw teachers giving the guy CPR while he was laying on the ground,” said one student.

Two people lean over another in this photo taken from a tweet by a student at the school. Carter Derksen / Twitter
Police stand on Stafford Street near Kelvin High School in a photo taken from inside the school that was tweeted Tuesday afternoon. Carter Derksen / Global News
Police investigate at Kelvin High School Tuesday. Lorraine Nickel / Global News

“I did see the victim sitting up against the fence and our principal helping making sure the situation was calm,” said Grade 11 student Evan Friesen. “He looked to be in shock. Teachers were doing everything they could; concerned students with lifesaving training were offering to help.”

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Inside, students were locked in their classrooms and not allowed to leave as police and the heavily armed tactical support team closed off streets near the scene.

“We had to go to the nearest classroom, then we were locked in there for a while,” said Sedik.

Police confirm they have one person in custody. Global News has learned it is a 16-year old boy. No charges have been laid. Several more students were taken in for questioning. It’s not clear if the suspect attended the school.

Shortly before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, flowers were dropped off at the front of Kelvin High School.

An emotional note is attached to the flowers that were dropped off in front of Kelvin High School in memory of the young victim. Talia Ricci / Global News
Shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday the first flowers were dropped off at the front of Kelvin High School. Talia Ricci / Global News

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