High school sweethearts planning wedding 65 years later

WATCH: A fairy tale ending for George Grant and Doreen Orr. They found each other after more than half a century apart. Lama Nicolas has their great love story.

TORONTO — It sounds more like the plot of a movie than a true love story: after decades apart, high school sweethearts George Grant and Doreen Orr are getting married.

The two dated in the late 1940s and early 1950s. They discussed their future, getting married, even what they would name their children.

George and Doreen shown above, in 1950, and below in a recent photo.
George and Doreen shown above, in 1950, and below in a recent photo. Handout photo / Global News

But then Grant got a job in Oakville, Ont., and Orr stayed behind in their hometown of Ottawa. They went their separate ways, each getting married and having families.

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They reunited in March, when Grant, 83, called Orr, 82, “on a whim” during a visit to Ottawa.

“I asked her, if she didn’t have a beau that had an objection, I would like to take her out to dinner and dance,” said Grant.

Now both widowed, Orr agreed.

“I said, I don’t have a beau and I think that’d be great,” said Orr. “Actually, I said dinner would be lovely but I don’t dance anymore. I haven’t danced in years.”

Grant got his way. The couple had shared a love of dancing in their earlier days. And after a few spins on the dance floor, the spark between the two was undeniable.

“I thought it would be nice to take her out. But my goodness, we went out to dinner and danced and it was just love, like it was back in 1948, ’49,” said George. “The same person I loved then, I love today.”

Shortly after Orr put her house up for sale, and began making the move to Burlington, where Grant now lives.

“When she agreed to do that I said ‘will you marry me?’ And she said yes,” said Grant.

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“He works fast,” Orr added.

While it’s been decades in the making, their engagement has been swift: they’re getting married at the Burlington Legion on June 6.

Grant said their love is an example of life coming “full circle.”

“I guess it was just meant to be,” said Doreen.

With files from Lama Nicolas