Fire-breathing bald eagles highlight outrageous 60 second pro-Rand Paul ad

WATCH ABOVE: The pro-Rand Paul ad which features heavy metal, a “capitulating Canadian,” and a 1997 Geo Metro. 

The Internet threw up and created this ad which features monster-truck rally-style voiceovers, fire-breathing bald eagles, and a photo of Rand Paul’s head on a bodybuilder’s topless torso within the first 15 seconds.

The 60-second ad created by the America’s Liberty PAC is a pro-Rand Paul ad, a political action committee created in 2014 that, according to Bloomberg, has “not been a major player in campaigns.”

The ad might just be an attempt to grab attention and raise more money. According to Bloomberg, the Virginia-based group made just one expenditure during the 2014 campaign cycle and has had its fundraising stuck in the six-figures.

But it’s since retooled itself as a pro-Rand Paul group, debuting with the outrageous ad.

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The ad, entitled “Sunday Sunday Sunday” comes just days ahead of this weekend’s PATRIOT Act debate on the floor of the U.S. Senate and takes a number of shots at Paul’s opponents including President Barack Obama, whom it dubs “The head of the Washington spy machine” and Senator Ted Cruz the “capitulating Canadian.”

Screenshot / ALPAC

Paul has been an ardent opponent of renewing the PATRIOT Act and took to filibustering it in the last senate debate.

The ad jumps right into the nonsensical at times.

“And kids we haven’t forgotten about you. Watch as we heat things up in the arena of flames.”

The ad even prompts kids to watch the Sunday debate. Screenshot / ALPAC

And its shot at Senator Lindsay Graham.

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“As Senator Lindsay Graham tries to read your email while doing donuts in a 1997 Geo Metro. Whoa, it’s on fire!”

Screenshot / ALPAC

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