Albertans voted based on anger, not hope: post-election survey

NDP leader Rachel Notley speaks on stage after being named Alberta's new Premier in Edmonton on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

EDMONTON — A post-election survey conducted by Abacus Data shows an overwhelming majority of Albertans said they voted for change on May 5.

Ninety-three percent of the 1,000 Albertans surveyed said the result was more about a desire for change than a preference for the NDP.

Of those surveyed, 63 per cent said the result was more about “cooling on Jim Prentice” than “warming to Rachel Notley.”

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Sixty-two per cent of respondents said the election was about anger, versus the 38 per cent that said it was about hope. Wildrose voters were more likely than other to say it was about anger, while NDP voters were more likely to say it was about hope, according to Abacus Data.

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Most of the people surveyed said the election had more to do with leadership (58%) than the economy (42%). However, the survey also showed those under the age of 45 were more likely to say the election was about the economy.

The NDP won 54 seats in the May 5 election to form a majority government. Wildrose kept its status as the Official Opposition, winning 21 seats. The PCs won 10 seats and the Alberta Party one.

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