Three Montreal kayakers set off on paddle of a lifetime

WATCH ABOVE: It’s departure day for Julien Granger, Luc Labelle and Nuka De Jocas-McCrae, as they set off on a 9000 km sea kayak journey that will take them from Montreal, to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

MONTREAL – The sky was hazy and dark over Montreal this morning but it will take more than the threat of rain to dampen the spirits of three Montreal adventurers.

After two years of planning, Julien Granger, Luc Labelle and Nuka De Jocas-McCrae are ready for the paddle of a lifetime.

As they set off from the docks of the Yacht-Club Montréal, the three friends have only one goal in mind and that is to reach the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico by sea kayak, by June 2016.

That’s 9000km of paddling in 13 months.

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The expedition, dubbed the “Go Fetch Challenge” has two different meanings according to the trio.

In French, the term “fetch” is a nautical term. It refers to the measure of a certain space where the wind can unfold itself without meeting any obstacles.

The group certainly hopes that “fetch” will be their ally along the way and give them an extra little push on the tough journey that awaits them.

Then, there’s go fetch — like a dog fetching a stick. The outdoor enthusiasts compare that to seeking out their own branch or stick, through adventure.

You can follow the expedition on the Defi Go Fetch website, and for an educational component you can can follow the group on Challenge U.

Challenge U is an educational platform where the kayakers will share their discoveries, answer student questions and offer up some monthly challenges to their followers.

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