Pro-life flyers spread graphic political message targeting Justin Trudeau

WATCH ABOVE: Anti-abortion activists are flooding mailboxes with graphic flyers in national anti-Trudeau campaign. Lama Nicolas reports.

TORONTO — Anti-abortion activists are hitting the pavement to spread a very graphic and political pro-life message targeting Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Flyers showing Trudeau next to a graphic image of an aborted fetus are being spread around the GTA and across Canada.

Emily Newman was shocked when she checked her Mississauga mailbox recently and found the flyer.

“We just thought it was disgusting and not something we should be getting in the mail in residences like this where kids could see it,” said Newman.

“I sort of cringed. I tore it up, threw it out, didn’t read it,” said another unnamed Mississauga resident.

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Anti-abortion activists from Campaign Life Coalition have been flooding mailboxes with the flyers that claim abortion is a human rights violation and are part of a “say no to Trudeau” campaign, ahead of the federal election.

“It’s a purely private movement. We are doing it on behalf of all pro-life Canadians,” said Alissa Golob from the coalition.

The group admits the images on the card are shocking, and even disgusting but they’re not apologetic and stand behind their choice to show aborted embryos and fetuses, regardless of the chance children might see them.”

“The lives of unborn children trumps the feelings of born children,” said Golob. “If people are truly concerned with harming children, then what about hundreds of thousands dismembered, decapitated and disemboweled?”

The group has spread the flyers around 20 ridings across Canada, including nine in the GTA.

On Wednesday Trudeau responded to the campaign using his image, and his party’s stance on abortion.

“I am perfectly comfortable with Canadians knowing that the Liberal Party is unequivocal in its defence of women’s rights,” said Trudeau. “We are the party of the charter, we are the party that stands up for people’s rights. We will continue to do so.”

MP Dr. Hedy Fry, Liberal health critic, said “we support fully a woman’s right to choose.” When she saw the flyers she called them “disgusting.”

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Politics aside, Mississauga resident Tom Bradley said the flyers are “over the top. I understand somebody trying to put out a message; is this the best way they can do it?”

With files from Lama Nicolas

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