Winnipeg council contemplates allowing downtown rooftop beekeeping

Bees in Ontario have been dying in record numbers, close to 60 percent last winter alone. So now the provincial government is proposing banning 80 percent of neonics, the class of pesticides that many blame for a big part of the declines.
Rooftop beekeeping could be coming to Winnipeg. Global News

WINNIPEG — Rooftop beehives could be on the way to downtown Winnipeg.

The city is looking at changing a bylaw to allow beekeeping on top of tall buildings.

It’s already happening in other Canadian cities, hobby beekeeper James Patterson said.

“It allows the public to engage, so it creates a stepping stone to understanding urban agriculture,” he said.

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Patterson is working with the Fort Garry Hotel to get the bylaw changed.

“It’s ideally situated around The Forks, around existing riverbanks where there is nectar, so it was strategically picked because of all the park area and because that example exists in other hotels in other cities,” he said.

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City staff will report to a council committee on the issue in September.

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