Winnipeg boy makes remarkable recovery following Sage Creek crash

WINNIPEG — Logan McBurney doesn’t remember the crash that caused him serious brain damage on Feb. 19, when a semi hit the Jeep he and his dad were travelling in at the entrance to Sage Creek.

Logan, 10, was pinned in the vehicle. The jaws of life were used to pry him out and he was rushed to the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital.

Doctors quickly discovered severe brain damage. They put him in a medically induced coma to control swelling.

“We knew he was with us,” said his mother, Kathryn McBurney. “We just didn’t know how things were going to be when he woke up.”

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It was 12 days before she saw her little boy’s eyes open and alert.

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“Coming home without him was difficult,” she said. “I felt I was having panic attacks. Not even necessarily about the intersection — just being in the house without him.”

Logan was back but not as he used to be. He had to relearn the basics: how to sit, stand and talk.

“When you know he has things to say … I just knew he was frustrated,” his mom said. “It was so hard on him, so I wanted to help him, but how do you explain to someone how to talk? They just have to find the way.”

Logan celebrated his 11th birthday in hospital. He has defied all expectations.

“They thought I might not be out of the hospital by Mother’s Day,” said Logan. “But I may be out of the hospital, dancing and going to school by Mother’s Day!”

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When it comes to brain injuries, each prognosis is different.

“With Logan, especially with brain injury, his brain is still growing. So the goal, of course, is to make sure that he is back at the level of his peers,” explained Logan’s speech pathologist, Christine Massinon.

Logan has gone back to his dance class and is expected to go back to school at the beginning of May.

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