WATCH: Interview with Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney on recent Surrey shootings

B.C. Premier Christy Clark announced an increase in funding for Surrey’s Wraparound program, aimed at preventing at-risk youth from joining gangs. The province invited the federal government to match or exceed that amount.

Today, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney refused to commit to that nor would he commit to a timeline for approving more RCMP officers as Surrey city officials and the province have requested.

“We are adding graduates,” said Blaney. “We are sending them out throughout the country and I certainly will take very seriously the request of Surrey. We are aware of the gang violence that is happening and that’s why I’m committed to make sure that the city of Surrey will get more RCMP officers to tackle…this challenge.”

The opposition was quick to jump on the minister’s comments.

“I did not feel too much reassurance today,” said Jinny Sims, NDP MP for Newton-North Delta. “This is going to take all three levels of government working together. We don’t want to point fingers. All I know is I live in a community where seniors are scared, families are scared and there isn’t any part of Surrey where people feel safe right now.”