Alberta Election 2015: NDP’s Stephanie McLean wins Calgary-Varsity

Stephanie McLean has taken the riding of Calgary-Varsity for the NDP.

McLean, a lawyer from Calgary, was ahead of PC candidate Susan Billington by over 1,000 votes with 36 of 87 polls reporting.

The riding, which includes the University of Calgary, is one of many Calgary ridings electing NDP candidates in a historic majority government victory for the party.

Calgary-Varsity is in the city’s northwest.

The Liberal Party had victories by Harry Chase in 2004 and 2008. PC Donna Kennedy-Glans reclaimed the riding in 2012 following Chase’s retirement.

Kennedy-Glans is not running in the 2015 election.


  • Progressive Conservative: Susan Billington
  • NDP: Stephanie McLean
  • Liberal: Pete Helfrich
  • Green Party: Carl Svoboda
  • Wildrose: Sharon Polsky

*NOTE: This article will be updated with riding results after the polls close on election night. Click here for full provincial election results.

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