Alberta Election 2015: Wildrose’s Grant Hunter wins Cardston-Taber-Warner riding

Wildrose candidate Grant Hunter has won the riding of Cardston-Taber-Warner with more than 41 per cent of the vote. The PC’s Brian Brewin finished second with 35.5 per cent of the vote, followed by the NDP with 19.6 per cent and the Alberta Party with 3 per cent.

Paul Hinman won the seat for the Alberta Alliance in 2004. The PC party won in 2008, then lost to Wildrose candidate Gary Bikman. He crossed the floor to the PC party in December 2014. Bikman failed to win the PC nomination in the riding.


  • NDP: Aaron Haugen
  • Progressive Conservative: Brian Brewin
  • Wildrose: Grant Hunter
  • Alberta Party: Del Bodnarek

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