Alberta Election 2015: NDP’s Heather Sweet wins Edmonton-Manning

The NDP has taken the riding of Edmonton-Manning as part of their historic victory tonight in the Alberta provincial election.

NDP candidate Heather Sweet has over 75 per cent of the vote with 12 of 92 polls reporting.

Sweet, a registered social worker, will be one of many new NDP MLAs as her party wins a majority government.

Peter Sandhu, the PC MLA who won the riding in both 2008 and 2012, was defeated by driving instructor Gurcharan Garcha for the PC’s 2015 nomination. Sandhu was investigated by the Ethics Commissioner in 2013, who found he violated conflict of interest legislation for lobbying for reforms that would have helped his home building company.

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  • Progressive Conservative: Gurcharan Garcha
  • Liberal: Adam Mounzer
  • NDP: Heather Sweet
  • Wildrose: Atiq Rehman

*NOTE: This article will be updated with riding results after the polls close on election night. Click here for full provincial election results.

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