Eagle caught in power line months ago released back into the wild

WATCH: Three months ago, a juvenile eagle almost electrocuted itself on some power lines in Delta. But two hydro workers rescued the bird. And as Jordan Armstrong reports, he was released today after three months of rehab.

The rescue of a bald eagle from a power line in Delta two months ago had a happy resolution today.

‘Flash’, as he was known to some of the staff, was released into the wild after months of rehabilitation.

“Every time we release a bird of prey back into the wild it’s a wonderful event, because not all of them actually make it through to be released,” said Karen Wheatley, Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society President.

Flash was found on February 16 entangled on a live power line just east of Boundary Bay Airport. Hydro crews de-energized the line so they could go up and rescue the bird.

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WATCH: Full video of the rescue

“He seemed to just calm down when he realized I wasn’t a danger, I wasn’t a threat,” said BC Hydro technician Bruce Byrnell. “I just went slowly, tried to call him, tell him it’s okay, it’s okay.”

While he couldn’t stand for a couple of weeks because of a burn on his left foot, therapy was fully successful, allowing for today’s release.

Hundreds were on hand to watch the event, as it happened during O.W.L’s open house at their Delta facility. It’s a semi-annual occasion when people can get a first-hand look at how the society rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured animals.

“It’s very heart-warming, it’s why we’re here,” says Wheatley.

As for Wheatley’s future hopes for the bird?

“That it lives a long happy life in the wild, finds a mate and has kids of his own.”