Canadian customers finally getting their hands on the Apple Watch

WATCH ABOVE: Analysts say first-day sales of the Apple Watch have already beaten Android watch sales for all of 2014. Peter Kim reports.

After weeks of waiting, Bryan Bukowski received his Apple Watch this morning.

“It’s better than I was expecting for a first generation product,” said Bukowski.

He was one of the first in the country to pre-order his watch online.

“At three o’clock in the morning sales went up, I just woke up at 2:58 a.m., hit ‘buy’ and was back asleep by 3:05 a.m.,” said Bukowski, who noted that he was having a few minor issues with his watch.

“There are some basic things that just don’t work, like you contacted me on Twitter today, I couldn’t see your message,” said Bukowski. “I couldn’t reply to you on Twitter on the watch.”

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But overall he’s impressed by the slick, seamless interface that intuitively responds to user movements. The watch features a special pressure-sensitive display that reveals buttons on screen the harder you press. This ensures the watch face remains clutter free and clean.

Technology consultant Jason Offet says Apple will dominate sales in this category and that the watches won’t necessarily replace smartphones.

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“In the same way smartphones were first accessories to computers and now smartphones have become a thing on their own, watches initially will be an accessory for a smartphone and I think over time they will evolve into a type of computing device all on their own.”

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Canadian customers finally getting their hands on the Apple Watch - image

One issue Offet does see is the battery life: up to 18 hours according to Apple’s website.

“Apple has a pretty detailed explanation on their website on how many glances and how many application lookups and emails, and how many times you can ask Siri, to get to that magic 18-hour mark,” he said.

Adam Bacsalmasi hasn’t received his watch, but spent the afternoon tinkering with his wife’s, which did arrive.

“I would have to say for long replies I might want to whip out my phone to type out the longer emails and maybe review some work. But I still think there will be some place for the phone,” said Bacsalmasi. “I think it’s the little things that make the difference, like having the volume control on my car steering wheel.”

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The Apple Watch also allows users to preload customer responses to send quick replies for convenience.

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