Students learn the language of computers in coding class

HTML coding is the building block of the internet. Global News

Regina – As the role of computers become more prominent in our everyday lives, it’s important people learn how to speak the language of computers.

Students from grades six to eight at Arcola Community School were given the chance to learn just that.

ISM Canada, an IT company, visited the school Tuesday to teach students how to build basic websites using HTML coding.

Approximately 20 students took part in the workshop, and learned the fundamental building block of the cyber world.

ISM Canada was also informing the students what sort of opportunities can come with the ability to code.  Jobs ranging from website building to video game development await those who learn the skill.

Kristin Kutarna Gates, ISM Canada director of marketing and mobile strategy, believes that by teaching the students these skills early, it will help them find success in the future.

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“I think that computers are a part of our world today, and the opportunities in coding are huge,” says Gates. “So many jobs go unfilled because there aren’t just enough people who know how to code. I think it’s one of the biggest opportunities out there today, and it’s available to anyone.”

ISM Canada is looking to continue to offer these kinds of workshops to continue to help kids develop their skills with computers.

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