Feds say rules around fur are fine despite complaints against Canada Goose

WATCH ABOVE: Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver says there’s no reason for consumers to be concerned about Canada’s regulations around fur. Sean O’Shea reports.

TORONTO- Despite allegations, one of Canada’s most prominent apparel companies is not ethically sourcing fur for winter coats, the federal minister of finance says there’s no reason for consumers to be concerned.

“We’re of the view that the rules are appropriate,” Joe Oliver said Thursday. “But to the extent they need to be changed, we will examine that.”

Oliver was speaking at the headquarters for Canada Goose, a Canadian company known internationally for producing high quality, premium priced outerwear. Many of its styles utilize coyote fur trim.

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Oliver was there to announce the government will unveil its next budget April 21. He toured the factory with corporate executives assembling winter jackets and coats.

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Last month, Toronto-based animal rights group Animal Justice launched a complaint with the federal competition bureau alleging Canada Goose is misleading consumers in its marketing by stating that the coyotes used in fur trim have been treated “humanely.”

“There is a very clear and compelling case that Canada Goose is misleading the public. Because fur that it uses is not trapped humanely,” said Camille Labchuk, the director of legal advocacy for Animal Justice. “We fully expect the competition bureau to take this concern seriously and act.”

On March 17, the competition bureau acknowledged the group’s complaint.

“Bureau staff will review the facts in order to determine whether or not an inquiry shall be made,” Tagreed Boules, Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Competition wrote in letter to Animal Justice.

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Canada Goose declined to speak to Global News about the allegations. But in a statement, the company said it “only buys fur from Certified Canadian trappers” and “trapping is strictly regulated by the provincial and territorial wildlife departments in Canada.”

“Canada is the world leader in humane trapping methods,” the company said.

After the budget announcement, Global News asked Oliver if anyone in government would review how Canada Goose sources its fur.

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“We will continue to accept, I mean we will continue to analyze all the information we receive and we have ethical and value standards that we uphold,” Oliver said.

The animal rights group questioned whether Oliver should have been using Canada Goose as a backdrop for the budget announcement.

“It’s disappointing that Canada Goose was chosen as it is currently facing very serious allegations,” said Labchuk.

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