PHOTOS: Snow vanishes from Manitoba as temperature records fall

Josh Wright tweeted these photos of a Portage la Prairie yard taken March 5 and 15. Josh Wright / Twitter

WINNIPEG – Temperatures in communities scattered across southern Manitoba reached record highs on the weekend.

Landscapes are remarkably different from a year ago as double-digit temperatures quickly melt what was already less snow than what was on the ground in 2014.

Click markers on the map to get details about weekend weather records.

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Records were set in Gimli (15.2), Gretna (18), Pinawa (13.8) and Sprague (15.7) on Sunday. Records fell in Winnipeg (13.2), Brandon (14.9), Dauphin (15.4), Gretna (15.8), Melita (14.8), Pilot Mound (14.4), Pinawa (13.3), Portage la Prairie (16.6) and Sprague (12.6) on Saturday.

The comparison between 2014 and 2015 is very obvious in this picture sent in from Chandra Hermanson. Chandra Hermanson / Global News

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The difference from last winter, a long, cold season, was marked, with people sharing their photos from last year and this on social media.

Here are some of the photos our weather watchers have shared with us:

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This photo compares the amount of snowfall still on the ground in Lockport, Manitoba in 2014, left, and 2015, right. Jill Schwab / Global News
There's no snow in this photo from Angela Hanson taken this year. Angela Hanson / Global News
Angela Hanson took this photo of a play area deep in snow on March 20, 2014. Angela Hanson / Global News
Claudette Gabbs of Ste. Anne, Man., took this photo showing the amount of melt on March 16 this year. Claudette Gabbs / Global News
Claudette Gabbs of Ste. Anne, Man., took this photo on March 16, 2014. Claudette Gabbs / Global News
Karen Slippert's Fort Garry home was surrounded by huge piles of snow in March 2014. Karen Slippert / Facebook
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Karen Slippert took this photo of her backyard before the melt began to show how much less snow there is in 2015 than there was in 2014. Karen Slippert / Facebook
Karen Slippert sent in a photo of her Fort Garry backyard on March 16 showing how little snow is left after the warm weather. Karen Slippert / Global News
Jeng Love's Facebook photo in 2014 shows large amounts of snow still piled up in the back yard. Jeng Love / Global News
Jeng Love's Facebook photo in 2015 shows how much little snow we have when compared to 2014 at this time of the year. Jeng Love / Global News
This double photo compares the amount of snow in this backyard in 2014 and 2015. Erica Wood / Global News

Do you have photos of the same location from 2014 and 2015? Send them to us at and we’ll share some.

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