Bixi Montreal looking to drop prices

Bixi bikes. Mike Armstrong/Global News

MONTREAL – Bixi Montreal is looking to make it a little easier for people who want to get around by bike.

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The company has submitted a request to the city of Montreal asking to drop most of its prices to encourage more riders.

The service has been mired in financial difficulties over the last year due to to a lack of transparency and questionable management.

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Bixi is hoping to change the yearly rate to $85, up by $2.50.

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Their monthly pass would go down to $30 from $31.25.

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A 24-hour pass will be $5, after it had been raised to $7 in 2012.

A single fare will be $2.50, down from $2.75.

The company is hoping to raise annual ridership to 4.4 million rides by 2019.

By the end of 2014, it stood at 3.2 million.

The city’s executive committee must approve the new rates before they can be taken into effect.

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