Zehaf-Bibeau video release triggers chilling memories for Sask. MP

Watch above: In the wake of attacks in Ottawa last year, some Members of Parliament are considering retirement. Amber Rockliffe speaks to one MP about the day it was stormed by gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

SASKATOON – The final video manifesto created by Parliament Hill gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was released Friday, revealing disturbing details about what was behind the tragic attacks last October. Zehaf-Bibeau made the video before he murdered Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

“To those who are involved and listen to this movie, this is in retaliation for Afghanistan and because Harper wants to send his troops to Iraq,” said Zehaf-Bibeau in the video.

“So we are retaliating, the mujahedeen of this world. Canada’s officially become one of our enemies by fighting and bombing us and creating a lot of terror in our countries and killing us and killing our innocents. So, just aiming to hit some soldiers, just to show that you’re not even safe in your own land and you gotta be careful.”

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RCMP Commissioner Rob Paulson said the RCMP considers Zehaf-Bibeau a terrorist.

Several MPs said they had to “take a moment” after watching the video, as it brought back tragic memories.

Saskatoon-Humboldt MP Brad Trost was inside the main parliament building at the time of the attacks. He said he’s seen significant changes on the hill since then.

“You see a lot more police, the guards are considerably better armed than they were before, and people who are not where they should be tend to get questioned a lot more quickly,” explained Trost.

Trost said the changes he’s witnessed go beyond ramped-up security.

“Particularly the senior MPs – a lot of them took time to reflect,” explained Trost.

“And I think some of the retirements that you may be seeing in the next election may be from people who decided that there’s more important things in life than having a job on Parliament Hill.”

Paulson said 18 seconds has been removed from the video for “operational reasons,” because they are still investigating whether Zehaf-Bibeau had any accomplices.

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If any co-conspirators are found, they will be charged with terrorism offences, according to Paulson.


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