A third of Canadians have dated a co-worker, says survey

TORONTO – It may be dangerous to date a co-worker, but 34 per cent of us have done it, according to a new survey by

“If you’re going to date a co-worker, here are some of the things to keep in mind: try as much as possible to keep your distance, not have every lunch [together] and still see other people,” said Tammy Laber, a personal coach and counsellor at Toronto’s Danforth Therapy.

She says that will ease any sense of alienation other co-workers may feel.

“Choose someone with a good track record with being friends with their exes, because if it turns out you become exes and you don’t want to switch jobs, you’re going to have to learn how to do that,” she added.

And the older the age, the better the odds, because of more maturity, she adds.

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“A lot of organizations hire people with similar values,” said Alan Kearns, founder and career couch at Career Joy. “It’s certainly very achievable if you’re mature and responsible about it.”

The CareerBuilder survey found of those who dated a co-worker, 26 per cent ended up marrying them. And when it comes to a workplace, those that are bigger are often a more fertile ground for love.

“If you have a very small office with not a lot of people, you’re already like family. And as soon as one member of the family changes, the entire dynamic for the rest of the members changes,” said Kearns.