Four month University Bridge rehabilitation ‘ambitious’

City of Saskatoon administration calls four-month University Bridge rehabilitation project "ambitious.". Vytai Brannan / Global News

SASKATOON – City administration calls the four month time frame to rehabilitate the University Bridge “ambitious.” Work is expected to begin in May and end in August with a $10,000 per day fee for every extra day over the four-month timeline.

One lane will remain open while the deck is resurfaced. The lane will be restricted for use only by emergency vehicles, transit buses, the Saskatoon Health Region and school board buses.

Bi-directional travel in one lane will be coordinated by the city for the duration of the project.

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Closing all lanes during construction would save $315,000 and shave 20 days off the length of construction time but city administration does not recommend this option as the decreased timeline and reduced cost is not sufficient to warrant the impact to Saskatoon Transit and emergency vehicles.

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“What that’s meant to do is put a value and an importance to every day so that there’s an economic driver to work as efficiently and fast as possible,” said the city’s Major Projects Director Mike Gutek.

Horseshoe Hill Construction came in with the lowest bid at $5,998,398.