WATCH: New Brunswick man captures train plowing through snow drifts

RIVERVIEW, N.B. – It was a break at work that gave Darren Gordon a chance to head to the 406 west train crossing in Salisbury on Tuesday, where he wound up capturing a video that has since been seen by more than 300,000 people online.

“I just set up my tripod and camera and waited probably about 1o minutes to come,” he said in a phone interview with Global News. “I have a scanner so I can hear when they’re getting ready to leave the yard.”

When Gordon saw the train coming, he hit the record button. But he said he had no idea how neat the shot would be.

The video shows the train blowing through snow drifts as it gets closer to Gordon, and at one point, you can’t see the train at all because the snow is so thick. But then the train hits the last snowbank, covering Gordon and his camera.

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He admits he was a little scared.

“I was thinking…’I’m going to get a little snow shower here,'” he laughed. “But me and the camera survived.”

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Over 100 centimetres of snow has covered New Brunswick over the past two weeks, and Gordon estimated the snow was several feet high as the train was blowing through.

Gordon has been into trains and ships since he was very young. It was about five years ago when he started to put them on YouTube.

He takes photos and videos of trains and container ships all over Canada and throughout the United States.

But his video of a train “dashing through the snow” has gone even further. The number of views has been increasing since he posted it Tuesday, and it went viral sometime Thursday.

Gordon was at work for most of the day, and said he didn’t realize how far the video had spread — it was even shared by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who called it the “Snow Train.”

“I guess it’s all over the world?” Gordon said. “It was absolutely amazing.”

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