WATCH: Take a tour of a tiny house in West Vancouver

WATCH: A West Vancouver woman has a novel solution to the problem of affordable housing in Metro Vancouver.  Kylie Stanton explains.  

VANCOUVER – Could you live in an 186 square-foot home?

For West Vancouver resident, Isabella Mori, it may be on the wee side, but its home for her.

She was looking for an affordable home in Vancouver and after looking at what was available, decided to custom-build her own tiny home for $39,000.

“One of the larger factors was, in Vancouver, in the Lower Mainland, it’s really hard to own anything unless you have a great deal of money, which I don’t have,” says Mori. “I wanted to have a space that I wasn’t sharing walls, my ceiling, my floor, beside me, on both sides, across from me, a lot of neighbours and stuff.”

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“I wanted to have an autonomous space that only I had the key to.”

She could have bought a boat or a travel-trailer, but this fit her needs so much more.

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WATCH: Take a full tour of Isabella Mori’s tiny home

“It is 22 feet long, not including the little porch out there, it’s eight-and-a-half feet wide,” says Mori. “It is 13-and-a-half [feet] tall I believe, that’s sort of a standard for these as well, so you can get under any bridge in North America, and it has a lot of windows.”

“That was very important to me because we all know it gets dark in the winter here, and I also work graveyard.”

Her queen-size bed slides out from under the second-storey of the home, and Mori keeps her cooking utensils in the kitchen cabinets. Her bathroom is six feet long and 27″ wide and she makes use of every available space.

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Credit: Sergio Magro.

“I’ve been waiting to wake up and freak out and go ‘what did I do?'” she laughs.

“But I haven’t and think part of that is that people don’t use nearly as much space as they think they do.”

Mori says she pays on average $900 per month to be in the RV Park located in West Vancouver and that the rent fluctuates depending on the season from as low as $700 per month to as high as $1,300 per month in the summer.

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