WATCH: West Vancouver unanimously votes to support warnings on gas pumps

West Vancouver Council took a historic vote last night.

The Council unanimously supported warnings on gas pumps to warn motorists about the impact driving has on the environment.

It is a Canadian first.

“West Vancouver is always at the leading edge of things like this,” says West Vancouver mayor Michael Smith. “It is the nature of our community.”

The labels are being promoted by the groups Our Horizon and Kids for Climate Action.

Rob Shirkey with Our Horizon says part of the challenge is many people don’t feel connected to the problem enough.

“It is abstract, it is far away, it is distant,” says Shirkey. “I think it is part of the reason we fail to act on it. If you can help make people feel a little bit more connected to the problem, that’s a way of creating greater impetus to address it.”

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The Council has voted to present the label idea at the Canadian Municipalities Convention in June and at the Union of BC municipalities in September.

The labels are not expected just yet. West Vancouver says it will wait until it gains support in B.C. and across Canada.

With files from Catherine Urquhart

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