Free yoga program aims to help people combat mental health issues

WATCH: Susan Hay has the details on a free yoga program that wants to help individuals with mental health issues.

TORONTO –  Blu Matter Project  provides free yoga sessions as well as sessions with a wide range of experts to help people suffering depressive disorders.

“We support and promote those individuals in the development of their yoga or mindfulness practice by bringing in different experts, academics, and philosophers, who can offer some really interesting takes on how to use mindfulness as a tool to manage and mitigate symptoms of mental health issues,” said Linda Malone, the founder of Blu Matter Project.

Blu Matter Project is created to incorporate aspects of mindfulness and yoga for holistic well-being.

Malone created the Blu Matter Project shortly after her younger brother committed suicide.

“If I can help other people in the ways I couldn’t help my brother, then I’m doing something really positive in his memory,” said Malone.

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The program has supportive group conversations about mindfulness and University of Toronto professor Franco Tavera said yoga can be extremely beneficial to psychological health.

“It’s very important. Yoga happens to combine physical activity and mindfulness methods and both of them together are known to be very beneficial for psychological health and even physiological brain health,” said Franco Taverna, a senior lecturer at the University of Toronto.




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