Warm weather wreaks havoc on winter activities

The unseasonably warm weather in Southern Alberta is getting some mixed reaction. While it may mean you can leave the parka at home, the sloppy conditions are putting a damper on some favourite winter activities.

Organizers of the Cochrane Winterfest have had to make some changes to their dog sled races. Without any snow for the dogs to run on, officials called on Canada Olympic Park for help.

 “They were kind enough to bring the snow making equipment but it wouldn’t work cause of the temperatures so we had to cancel that,” said Ronnie Knowles, Festival Manager of the Cochrane Winterfest.

The Chestermere Winter Festival is in a similar situation, says Cochrane Mayor Patricia Matthews.

“It’s going to be a little sloppier than usual… it will be above zero and it will still be winter… things should progress just the same and I’m sure the people jumping into the polar dip are quite happy to be coming out in this weather.”

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While both festivals are going ahead, they are encouraging people to bring their rubber boots and maybe even some suntan lotion.

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