WATCH: Canadian creates amazing journey through our solar system

Saturn, as seen from the Cassini spacecraft orbiting the giant planet. Lucas Green included a similar image in his video. NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

TORONTO – You’ve never seen the universe like this.

Canadian illustrator and visual effects artist Lucas Green has created a stunning video that brings our solar system, our galaxy and our universe to life.

(Watch in HD, if you can, and with the sound on, as it includes a beautiful piece by Two Steps From Hell.)

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Space Suite Concept from Lucas Green on Vimeo.

“[I] created the video above as a visual proof-of-concept for a project which relies heavily on space visuals,” Green said in his Vimeo posting. “I wanted to demonstrate that compelling footage could be created quickly and easily by mining the impressive public access image libraries of NASA (and others) for stunning photography, and then bringing them to life with simple 3d ‘tricks.'”

(You can read about some of his “tricks” here.)

Lucas, who lives in Vancouver, first takes us into Saturn’s amazing moon system, and then creates an amazing visualization of the storm at Saturn’s south pole (the hexagonal storm has fascinated astronomers since it was first seen in the 1980s). Then Lucas takes us above Saturn’s beautiful ring system with the planet’s largest moon, Titan, shrouded in cloud in the background.

We see the geysers of Enceledus, sweep past the craters of Iapetus, visit our own moon’s Tycho Crater, and witness storms on Jupiter.

Then we leave our solar system to visit the Sombrero Galaxy, stellar nurseries created from supernovas; and finally through to the the expanse of our universe, as we swim through thousands of galaxies.

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It is a beautiful visual masterpiece that reminds us of the beauty that lies beyond our pale, blue dot.

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