1st grocery vending machines in Canada to be installed in B.C.

VANCOUVER – A Vancouver entrepreneur is bringing convenience to a whole new level.

Jason Moyal is launching refrigerated grocery vending machines in high-rise buildings across Vancouver. It’s a new concept to Canada, but it’s already being used in places like England and Japan.

Two machines will be the first to be installed next year and Moyal says he first saw the idea in malls in Europe over the summer. “But I just thought, why don’t they have it in apartment buildings?” he asks.

It was then he found out no one was offering this service in Canada, so he developed a plan, got some investors, and started a business.

“We will have all the essential groceries, like milk and eggs and flour,” says Moyal. The machines will also stock laundry detergent, toothpaste and pet food and can be customized for the building.

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“We’re really looking to bring convenience to a whole new level,” adds Moyal. “We want it to be affordable for the residents and profitable for us.” He says pricing will be competitive with convenience store prices.

Moyal adds they expect to install more machines throughout the year following the initial two.

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