Baby bobcat brought to Manitoba wildlife rehabilitation centre

The little bobcat was found abandoned in Southern Manitoba.

WINNIPEG – A lost little bobcat has a new home at Manitoba’s Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre.

The cub was found in a wood pile near Middlebro in southern Manitoba. With its mother nowhere in evidence, it wouldn’t have survived, the small cat’s rescuers say.

We would always recommend an animal be left alone or even returned back from where they were taken from if they do not require our assistance,” the rehabilitation centre’s Facebook page says. “When we spoke with the person who found her, it was determined her situation warranted the need of us to take a look.”

Tiffany Lui, who works for the wildlife haven, said caring for the animal is tricky because they want to release it back into the wild.

“With the younger ones, it’s a little different than an adult,” said Lui. “It shouldn’t imprint on humans, but we’re being very careful with that. Limitations are in place for who can care for her and see her.”

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The bobcat was underweight when she was brought in, but is slowly improving.

Though the centre has been open since 1993, this is the first time they’ve received a bobcat.

“There’s a volunteer that’s been here for 14 years, and they said they’ve never seen one before. It’s definitely a special time for us,” said Lui.

The wildlife haven staff are hoping they’ll be able to release the kitten in spring.

As for a name for the fierce new feline?

“No, we haven’t named it yet, because we have to release it,” Lui said with a laugh. “It’ll be so emotional, but we’ve been calling her Little Bobby.”

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