Montreal’s compost site at risk of shutting down

Watch above: Montrealers are rallying to save a popular compost site and find it a new location through a crowd-funding campaign. Global’s Aalia Adam has more.

MONTREAL – Compost Montreal has been running for over seven years, collecting organic waste from residents and businesses from across the island.

However, a few months ago the South-West borough informed them that they may have to close down their current compost site to make way for heavy equipment from the road works department.

“We’ve been consulting with the borough, discussing different ways that everything can be done,” explained founder, Stephen McLeod.

“It seems as though the move is still going to happen.”

Now, they’re trying to find a viable option to store the 700 tons of organic waste they collect each year.

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They’ve started a crowdfunding campaign online, hoping to garner support from the public.

Their goal is to raise $200,000 to set up the new site.

So far, they’ve raised over $8,000 and even caught the attention of a sustainable community on the South Shore.

Members of the Valhalla Movement have offered to share a portion of their land with Compost Montreal.

“Composting should be an essential service that’s offered in every town, every municipality, across all nations,” said Vivian Kaloxilos, a co-founding member of Valhalla.

“It’s a good way to reduce waste, reuse what we’re putting in the landfills and also give back to the earth.”

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